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Sarasota Heights FL Locksmith Store Sarasota Heights, FL 941-216-7460The locksmithing profession is ancient. The first known locksmiths were found in Ancient Babylon and Egypt, nearly 4000 years ago. Locksmithing has come a long way since then and modern locks are truly wonders of engineering. There are locks that can detect your approach and open automatically, and biometric locks that open only for your thumbprint. If you’re looking to hire quality lock locksmiths in area for lock-related work, you can do no better than Sarasota Heights FL Locksmith Store. We offer an affordable, all-inclusive range of services for homes, cars, and commercial buildings.

What can our lock locksmiths do?

  • Fix or replace locks:

    We can repair your lock – whatever the kind you own - or replace it with a new one. We have a large selection of high-security locks available in our inventory for you to pick from. We can offer you regular pin and tumbler locks and advanced electronic locks for smart homes.

  • Offer security advice:

    Sometimes it’s difficult to know which lock to get, or what areas of your property need to be protected, especially if you are a commercial business owner. Our lock locksmiths can give you recommendations on what would best suit your unique property.

  • Make you new keys:

    We can replicate keys for your locks, if you’ve lost your old ones. We can also duplicate keys on-site, including high-security transponder keys that require advanced equipment to make and program.

  • Unlock service:

    We can help if you get locked out of your car, home, or office. We can also unlock car trunks, safes, and file cabinets with the help of our advanced tools.

  • Rekey locks:

    We can change the mechanism inside your locks and replace it with a new one that works with a new set of keys. This gives you better control over who can enter your property.

  • Broken key extraction:

    Our lock locksmiths can also extract key fragments from inside your locks. If your key broke inside it, we have the tools necessary to remove them quickly and easily.

Hire our lock locksmiths 24/7:

You can hire our lock locksmiths in Sarasota Heights or nearby areas 24 hours a day, all week. We are available to fix your locks overnight, to make you new keys, or to let you back inside your property if you get locked out of it.

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